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Website Builder!

With our Sweetfox Builder. You don’t have to know how to design or code to create an amazing website.

Digital Marketing

Let’s Build Your Brand! Our digital marketing services builds followers and engagement.

Mobile Apps

We build Apple & Android IOS Mobile Applications for your products & services.

Lary The CRM

CRM…my name is Larry and I manages all your customer interactions.

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When it comes to website building, Sweetfox has smashed the easy button! Now, creating the perfect website is nothing short of effortless. Our approach to websites starts with a simple question, who knows your business better than you?

Whether you’re an artist, motivational speaker, hairstylist, or you own a non-profit. No matter your industry, Sweetfox helps provide the perfect website in the easiest, quickest way possible. Our website builders offer unlimited design options; including thousands of widgets, a variety of page templates, and mobile responsive. That’s why our website builder empowers you to never settle when building the website of your dreams.



Marketing your business can be a daunting task. With all the craziness of running your own company, understanding digital marketing can make the difference between expanding or just keeping the lights on.

Our social media marketing services focus on sales growth, new followers, and customer engagement. Our goal is to help build authentic relationships, increase word-of-mouth, and communicate directly to potential and current customers.

Find out how Sweetfox’s Digital Marketing Services can help increase your sales.

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Builds Mobile Apps.

Introducing Hire Lary!

Hire Lary! Is  the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) you’ve been waiting for. “Lary” is a powerful business tool that helps grow & organize your business.  Simply put, “Hire Lary” is amazing at managing converting lead capturing, sales pipeline, accounts payable, projects & team tasks, staff schedules, inventory, service ticketing system, and so much more! Organize you business while gaining sales. Hire Lary!

Manage Customers.

Stop emailing, manage all customer interactions from one location. Just ask Lary.

Nurture Sales.

Send Invoices, Estimates, Proposals, and Leads. Lary keeps your sales organized.


Lary loves automation, reducing the number of things you have to remember to do.

Ticketing Software

Lary won’t let any customer issues fall through the cracks with his robust ticketing system.